Friday, June 17, 2011

Goode Brothers

When it comes to having a nice meal at somewhere in the Botany area, there isn't much choices for us to choose from. Especially, we were quite fussy with our food. Counting with my fingers, I think there's only like less than 10 cafes or restaurants (excluding the fast food) that we can go to. That also depending on the time and day as some closes at certain day and time.

Goode Brothers is one in our approved list. Goode Brothers served Italian cuisine such as pastas and pizzas. At Goode Brothers, they are using quality and fresh ingredients in all the food that they served. Besides, you can choose and create your own salad or pasta with the different ingredients that you prefer. And you also get to see their chef preparing all the food that you ordered due to the open kitchen concept in Goode Brothers.

As usual, we shared all our meals. Hence, for a start, we ordered my partner's mum all time favourite, char grilled chicken breast and vegetable salad. In there, there's different types of fresh greens are available and additional of roasted capsicum, pumpkin and kumara that are being drizzled with balsamic dressing.

Meanwhile for the pizza, we ordered the Tuscan chicken pizza, where it came up to be Tuscano pizza instead. The ingredient in Tuscano pizza consist of peppered beef, mushroom, capsicum, caramelised onion and garlic aioli.

Since it's an Italian restaurant, therefore pasta is also a must to be ordered. We ordered the Italian sausage pasta which consists of Italian sausage (of course!), sun dried tomatoes, spinach, smoky tomato sauce and Parmesan. As we were also allowed to choose what type of pasta, we chosen to go with spinach tagliatelle. It was our first time trying it, and it turns out to be yummy.

And lastly, something that I couldn't resist to say no to add on to our lunch that day was the deep fried wedges served with sour cream. On top of the wedges, it was sprinkled with cheese and bacon pieces. It was so yummy that I think I had quite a few more compared to the rest.

By the time we clear up all the plates, we were very full that we need a walk after that to get the food digested a little quicker.

Goode Brothers
Shop 36, Town Centre Drive
Botany Town Centre,
Botany, Auckland

Phone: 09 272 4516

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