Monday, June 7, 2010

Sea World, Gold Coast

SeaWorld, Gold Coast is another of a must visit place when I’m there. SeaWorld was in our itinery the day after Movie World.

SeaWorld is a more relaxing place as compared to MovieWorld. We started by arriving early at SeaWorld so that we spend about half a day there and continue with other activities.

As we walked into the SeaWorld, we came across this area, Sea Birds Rehabilitation Area. You will be able to see plenty of them there with their welcoming voices.

Next to this rehabilitation area, is the lake whereby you can swim with the dolphins. You will be able to see those friendly dolphins swimming near you to say hi. You can take photos with dolphins there too.

Then we moved to the shark bay. I remembered my friend always tease me by saying if I’m growing fat, he will feed me to the shark… haha… You will be able to see from baby sharks to adult shark. They also provide underwater viewing.

On our way into the underwater viewing, we also saw some huge stingray fish on the shores.

From the underwater viewing at the sharkbay, we were able to see school of fishes and huge sharks swimming around.

There were also some shows happening around SeaWorld. The first show that we managed to catch was the Dolphin’s show. Before the show started, there was a cart being pushed in selling popcorns and candy floss to all the spectators that were watching the show.

Then, the show started off with how human being was being rescued by some friendly dolphins. As this was my first time watching the show, it was very impressive.


We also watched another show which was the WaterSki WipeOut. There’s stunts of water skiing was impressive too.

Before leaving SeaWorld, we went around SeaWorld via the monorail to see if there’s any spot that we had left out. If you do not fancy riding in the monorail, you have another options which is the cable car.

As we walked through the exit of SeaWorld, everyone will definitely dropped by the souvenir shop to have a look as it was meant that way. We definitely had window shopped in the souvenir shop itself before leaving.

Do drop by SeaWorld when you are in Gold Coast ya!