Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sansui Japanese Cuisine & Bar

I am back again to Sansui Japanese Cuisine & Bar after our first memorable experience there. You can read my first experience that I had blogged earlier here.

This time we were back again on our second visit. This time instead of ordering the dinner set, we ordered from the ala-carte menu. By this way, we were able to try out the different things that are available from the menu.

We ordered an appetizer which was the deep fried fish bone. So far, this is the only Japanese restaurant which serves this type of appetizer. As according to my partner, this brings him back the memory of his time when he travelled to Japan. Because this was one of the appetizer that he enjoyed back then in Japan. By just looking at the photo below, you can imagine how crunchy it is. Every bite of the fish bone will produce the crunchy sound (krop-krop-krop).

Then we ordered a healthy seaweed salad. In the seaweed salad, there's a few variety of different seaweed were being added in. Some were red in color, some were dark green and some were light green.

Next to come was the homemade pot stickers dumpling which is also known as the gyoza.

We tried another type of sushi this time, which was the California roll. It was being served in a platter plate that provides 9 little squares. There were 8 pieces of sushi, and the balance of 1 little square is being used to accommodate the pickled gingers and wasabi. This presentation is indeed very creative!

Then it comes the sukiyaki hot pot. This sukiyaki hot pot contains some beef, vermicelli, tofu and garnished with some spring onion and carrot.

And last dish to arrive was the lightly manuka chip smoked Aoraki salmon. This dish arrived with a little bowl cover. Inside the bowl were full of the manuka chip smoked whereby the salmon fish being infused with. Once you remove the bowl cover, the smoke were being released. However, once you put the salmon into your mouth, you will be able to taste the manuka chip smoke.

We had both the sukiyaki and lightly manuka chip smoked Aoraki salmon with rice as our mains.

By the time we had finished all our food, our tummies were fully filled as well. Therefore, we give the dessert a miss this time. Besides, we had tried most of their dessert during our first visit.

Sansui Japanese Cuisine & Bar
Swanson Street

Phone: 09 377 1347