Saturday, January 2, 2010

Burger Fuel - The Fast Food in Auckland

It's time for a simple meal after spending about a week eating different varities of good food in Auckland. We decided to grab food from Burger Fuel for our dinner in the Sky City Cinema.

Burger Fuel outlet at Queen Street

Burger Fuel, the chain of gourmet burger restaurant is originated from Auckland in the year of 1995. The first store was opened at Ponsonby Road in 1995 with the mission of providing ultimate experience in gourmet burger by using delicious, fresh and natural ingredients.

Burger Fuel logo

I personally find that Burger Fuel has a different approach as compared to Hungry Jacks/ Burger King and McDonalds. The special thing about Burger Fuel is that they provide selections of mini and large burgers in their menu which caters to different needs and types of consumers. Selections of vegetarian, organic and gluten free buns are also available in their menu.

Burger Fuel menu

We ordered Basic Chick Combo and Bambina Combo from the Lightweight menu. In the combo set, they provides a can of soft drinks that you can select yourself from the fridge provided in the eating area and a selection of either spud or kumara fries. We had selected Coke Zero and kumara fries as part of our combo.

  • Basic Chick Combo - Grilled chicken breast, salad, relish and aioli on a smaller bun, kumara fries with aioli dip and Coke Zero

  • Bambina Combo - Ground beef, salad, relish and aioli on a smaller bun, kumara fries with aioli dip and Coke Zero

Lightweight Menu Selections

When a burger selections are being ordered, they will provides a patented "Doofer", which is a folding cardboard burger-holder. It allows consumer to eat a burger at the most convenient way. Usually a burger consumer will unwrapped the burger and eat it by holding it with hands. With the help of "Doofer" it holds the burger nicely and avoid all the vegetables and meat from dropping off.

View of Doofer from side

View of Doofer from top

In most of the fast food restaurants, french fries are the most common sides provided in the combo sets. However, in Burger Fuel, there is more than one sides provided. The sides that caught my attention was Kumara fries served with aioli dips. (Kumara is one of the type where Malaysians call it as sweet potato. It is orange in colour.) Kumara fries taste like the fried sweet potato which is commonly available in Malaysia but sweeter. The aioli dip provided is really a brilliant combination to have with kumara fries.

Burger Fuel is really worth trying if you happen to be in Auckland. I personally feel that it is a fast food restautrant which provides a good and tasty quality burgers to consumers who like to have fast and quality food rather than just fast food.

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