Sunday, January 17, 2010

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Since the day was still early, we dropped by Auckland Botanic Gardens on our way back to Dannemora.

No charges needed to enter Auckland Botanic Gardens.

As we entered the visitor center of Auckland Botanic Gardens, there's a cafe and art sculpture hall on the left and souveniers shop on the right hand side. The main highlights for the day was the Sculpture Gardens.

Sculpture Highlights at the Visitor Center

Walking further from the lobby, a huge garden is ready for us to explore arounds. We started off our walk from the NZ Plants and NZ Threatened Plants area. As we walk along, we saw a few of the ducks and ducklings. My friend told me that the ducks always go around in pairs. How true is that? Hmm... I did saw a few pairs being together, and there's also a few that were not being together. Check it out yourself when you happened to visit Auckland Botanic Gardens.

A pair of duck

Ducklings running around the garden

NZ Native bird

As a visitors, we are not supposed to feed the ducks and ducklings with bread. You will be able to see a "Super duck" signage saying the ducks and ducklings there only eat grains. I also saw the "Super duck" going around giving grains to people who would like to feed the ducks and ducklings.

At Auckland Botanic Gardens, they do have Rose Garden as well. However, during my visit there, the roses weren't as impressive as Dove Myer Park (refer to my earlier posting below).

Roses in rose garden, Auckland Botanic Garden

There's also a scuplture gardens around but we didn't stop by as we are not a sculpture person.

Before we left, we had our lunch at Cafe Miko. Cafe Miko provides indoor and outdoor dining area. We choose to dine outdoor to enjoy the green views of Auckland Botanic Gardens. It is a self service cafe whereby you will need to order your food via the counter and pay before food are being served.

View of Auckland Botanic Garden from Cafe Miko

We ordered two skinny flat white, a corn fritters served with bacon and salad and a slice of lemon yogurt cake. The overall taste of the food was quite ordinary but we feels satisfied with the standard.

Corn fritters served wit bacon and salad

Lemon yogurt cake

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