Monday, May 24, 2010

Movie World, Gold Coast

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone talk about Gold Coast? The first thing that came to my mind was the Movie World and Sea World. In my opinion, if I didn’t drop by these two places, it will be such a waste. Therefore, Movie World and Sea World are must places to visit while I’m in Gold Coast.

We made it a point that to arrive early at Movie World so that we are able to watch all the street shows that they had in the schedule.

Once we have arrived, we redeemed our tickets and were provided with a list of the street shows schedule and the map of Movie World. Before starting going around, we studied the schedule as we would like to catch most of the show.

Entering the Movie World, I am able to see a character from Batman actually hiding away from Batman. It’s my first time in the Movie World, therefore, I find it very funny. Therefore, once you are in, do look out for all the characters around/ hiding out.

We also spotted Scooby Doo and friends van and Batman going around.

The first show for the day was “Furry Fab Fifth”, which consists of Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Daffy Duck and Tasmania. Four of them were singing and making fun around with the spectators around them.

The second show was “Gotham City”.

It started with the villains showing their skills to Batman telling him that they are not afraid of them.

After about 5 minutes, Batman appeared. The villains were all ready to fight with Batman.

After fighting for another 5 minutes, Batman managed to help the police to catch the villains’ head. Batman finally won! Everyone cheered and applauded.

While walking around while waiting for the third show of the day, we spotted Catwoman posing around the bench allowing passerby to take photos of herself.

Then the show continued with Scooby Doo and friends.

The most anticipating show is finally here. It is the “Wall Street All Stars Parade”. Why do I say it’s the most anticipating show is because you will be able to see all the characters in Movie World parading. This is also the most spectators as compared to the rest of the show.

Austin Power started the parade with his little motorbike with his welcoming speech.

Then followed by Bugs Bunny escorting Marilyn Monroe in his gold color Warner Bros car.

Next, is Wonder Woman and her friend (which I can’t figure out who is she till today.. haha..)

Daffy Duck come next in his mascot’s car.

Following behind was the cheeky and naughty Sylvester, whom always bullied Tweety, in Warner Bros film rolled car.

Then come The Mystery Machine Van, which was drove by Fred fetching Velma and Daphne at the front seats.

Spooky Island trailer arrived with Scooby Doo and Shaggy.

Suddenly a castle appeared with Shrek around.

Following behind was Catwoman in her tight fitting sexy suits and her whip.

The character that appeared last was Batman.

The final show of the day was Marilyn Monroe singing.

Being in Movie World, you can not only catch all the street shows that are happening around, but also the exciting rides that are available.

We didn’t take any of the exciting rides, as we were there to just chill around and enjoy ourselves.

To whoever that are planning to visit Gold Coast, remember to make it a point to visit Movie World ya...

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