Sunday, December 20, 2009

Devonport, Auckland

During my visits in Auckland, my friend brought me to Devonport on one of the day. To reach Devonport, you can either take a ferry from Auckland CBD terminal which takes about 12 minutes to arrive or you can drive there. As for us, we drove there instead.

Devonport is a habour side suburb in Auckland which located at the North Shore, at the southern end of peninsula. Naval Base of the Royal New Zealand Navy, the main facility for the country’s naval vessels is based in Devonport.

There are three dormant volcanoes situated in Devonport. They are Mount Victoria, North Head and Mount Cambria.

Mount Victoria was our first stop in Devonport. One can choose to walk all the way up by parking the car at the bottom mount or one can drives all the way up to the mount’s top. As exercising was not our main reason to be at Mount Victoria, we drove all the way up to the mount’s top.

View of Mount Victoria from Devonport City

At the mount’s top, we were able to enjoy the overview of:-

  • Auckland’s city

  • Rangitoto island

  • Habour Bridge

  • Devonport city

 View of Rangitoto Island from Mount Victoria

View of Auckland and Devonport from Mount Victoria

View of Habour Bridge and Devonport City from Mount Victoria

After enjoying the nice view from Mount Victoria, we headed to Devonport city. Devonport city are being filled with shops of antiques, arts, gifts and book shops. One shop that particularly catches my attention is the shop that sells all sorts of snacks, canned foods, beverages and confectionary from none other than US.

Alley of the shops that situated near The Post

Besides that, Devonport city is also being surrounded by some good restaurants and café. During tea time, we stopped by Devonport Stone Oven Bakery & Café Ltd. This café provides only breakfast and lunch menu. There are also cakes, sandwiches, pastry and desserts that can be ordered directly from the counter and also biscotti.

Counter of Devonport Stone Oven Bakery & Cafe Ltd

We had ordered two cups of cappuccino and a lemon meringue pie to share. It has been a long time since I had a lemon meringue pie. I remembered the last time I had it was when my ex-colleague baked it for me. The lemon meringue pie was really yummy because the taste of lemon was strong enough for me to taste it. The lemon taste was just as perfect as the one that I had at Waiheke Island. (Refer to post Waiheke Island, Auckland)

Cappucino and lemon meringue pie

As we were enjoying our cappuccino and lemon meringue pie, something catches my attention. It was the “Sorry the Kitchen Is Closed” sign. It was being placed on top of the blackboard menu. I certainly find this a brilliant idea to send a message to the customers without offending any of them.

Look at the sign on the blackboard menu

Devonport Stone Oven Bakery & Café Ltd is definitely a MUST VISIT café if you are planning to visit Devonport!

Devonport Stone Oven Bakery & Café Ltd
5 Clarence Street,
Phone: 09 445 3185

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