Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dove Myer Robinson Park, Auckland

It's spring season when I visited Auckland. Hence visiting any botanical garden is a must as this is the only season where the flowers will blossoms. My friend brought me to Dove Myer Robinson Park in Auckland.

Dove Myer Robinson Park sign board

Dove Myer Robinson Park is a park where it has a wide variety of roses around. Basically, I call it a rose garden. Once we parked our car at the parking space, we passed by this walking area with lots of shaded trees around. There were also benches available under the shades.

Benches provided under the shades of trees

They have divided the rose garden into two parts. As we walked passed the shaded trees, the roses are available on both left and right hand side. From far, what I saw were beds of colourful roses around. When I stepped into the garden, I can't stop myself admiring all the different types of roses around me. You will know what I mean when you visit the park yourself.

Colourful beds of roses

Different species of roses

Any colour of roses that you be able to name it, they have it. Of course what I meant here are the natural colours roses and not those that had been dyed such as blue, black etc.

Orange and white colour roses

All the roses blossoms very well during this spring season. The fragrances of all the roses were all around the park. To know how every different species of roses fragrance, you can actually smell from the flower directly. However, one word of advise, if your nose is sensitive towards the flowers particles, MUST NOT smell it close. ELSE you will catch the hayfever and sneeze till your nose drop.

Peach colour roses

Purple colour roses

Blood red colour roses

I also saw bees were busy humming around the roses to extract honey for their usage. My friend managed to catch a shot of it after a few trials.

Busy bee humming around yellow roses

I also discovered some of the blossoms roses were being surrounded by a few unblossom roses of different species. It looks so amazing to me.

Orange rose being surrounded by red roses

Red blossom rose being surrounded by unblossom red roses

This park is a MUST VISIT PLACE at least once if you are a person who likes flowers

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