Monday, January 10, 2011

BeesOnline Cafe, Auckland

It takes about 35 minutes drive from East Tamaki to BeesOnline cafe. Along the way down to BeesOnline cafe, there's a few strawberries farms that allows you to pluck your own. However, according to the local, the rates are a little higher as compared to the normal rates. Apart from strawberries farm, there's also some vineyards available.

BeesOnline cafe is situated at
791 State Highway 16
RD3 Waimauku, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 411 7953
Fax: +64 9 411 5216

It was a very sunny summer during our visit to BeesOnline cafe and outdoor seating is definately our first choice, as it is the only time you get to sit under
a shady shade and fresh air during a summer without freezing our butts off.  We were early and able to choose a nice shady seats from their large shelthered outsdoor seating area and admiring the surroundings on their large deck.

We had our lunch at BeesOnline cafe and we were served with a jug of water, the rain filtered water. There were 3 of us in total, therefore we had ordered one starter, two mains and two desserts to share.

We started it off with house baked loaf with garlic & herb butter, extra virgin olive oil and a Farmhouse honey, Balsamic & sherry vinegar reduction. Once you tasted it, you will know that it's really fresh from the oven itself. Breads with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar is always very appetizing to start off with.

Then followed by spiced squid, honey, beetroot & pancetta salad with rocket, aioli, walnuts & micro herbs.  So far, this is the best squid that I had tasted.

 The combination of the spiced squid and honey was just awesome.

The second main dishes that we had was the Crispy twice baked Pork belly w butternut squash, Atlantic scallops & an apple,vanilla & cider compote. The skin of the pork belly was very crunchy, and surprisingly the meat was not hard, it was still very soft and tender. The saltiness of the pork belly blends well with the apple, vanilla & cider compote.
Lastly we had 2 different types of desserts with coffees. We ordered red wine poached pear with Coastal honey & vanilla rice pudding and a velvety chocolate tart with black cherry compote, Coastal honey & hazelnut mascarpone.

The red wine poached pear was very juicy and not very sweet either. Once you bite on the pear, you will get the juiciness of the pear and red wine. The pear had also been de-seeded too. I'm not a big fan of rice pudding, hence enjoying the poached pear alone was satisfying too.

As for the velvelty chocolate tart, it was a little dissapointment as the pastry of the tart was quite thin and soggy as a result of the black cherry compote as the sides. Nonetheless, the chocolate flavours was very rich and the sweetness of the rich chocolate blends very well with the hazelnut mascarpone.

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