Friday, January 28, 2011

Devonport, Auckland

Last Saturday, my partner had suggested us to visit Devonport again as we had been spending about 2 weekends in the city already. Whatever that we would like to see and shop are done. Therefore, for a change, we went to Devonport.

 The day started off with cloudy. As it is a summer here in New Zealand, there's quite a few more people are spending their time in Devonport because there's beach available at Devonport. Hence it took us quite awhile to find a parking. Finally we managed to get a parking near the port.

We got to see the view of Auckland City from the port. It was beautiful despite the cloudy weather.

Then we walked around to find a place for our lunch. It was already lunch time, and some of the places had already been fully packed with people. We always have this perception that the more people at the cafe/ restaurant, it means that the cafe/ restaurant is popular among the crowd. Therefore, we wanted to try out one of the restaurant at Devonport town. Unfortunately, there isn't any seating available. Hence we ended up with a cafe that runs by Asians instead.

I can't remember what is the cafe called, but it had quite nice environment, despite the waitress that making lots of noise while cleaning up the table. The cafe is practically being divided into two different sections. The cafe provides tables and chairs for those that are dining in, as well as sofas and coffee tables for those that opt to have drinks only at the cafe. Behind the area of the cafe, there's also a little playing table provided for the children who visited the cafe.

Since my partner and I decided to have tea time later with desserts, we ordered some light lunch from the cafe. My partner had ordered a samosa meanwhile I ordered a mushroom, ham and cheese toasted sandwich. Again, we both shared our lunch! Both the food that we ordered was quite good. Nothing to complain about. :)

Then we walk around the city again for window shopping. As we walked around the city, we stopped by the pharmacy as I spotted some nice hats. It is summer here in Auckland, it's good to get a hat to wear during a sunny day out. I had been looking high and low for a nice hat that suits me best. Finally I managed to buy a hat from Devonport pharmacy. Yippee... But unfortunately the hat was torn a little at the end of the day... Sobs...

As I mentioned from my previous post, there's this little shops that sells all sorts of foods and beverages from UK. My partner actually when in to look at the tea that he is interested, and I was just browsing around. Something caught my attention in the shop. It's the "Happy Hippo" biscuit by Kinder. (As you can see I'm an agent hippo... of course I am attracted to this biscuit... haha) We ended buying a box of 5 "Happy Hippo" biscuit as it is cheaper as compared to buying per pieces. I am yet to try it out. Once I had try it out, I shall blog about it.

Our last stop at Devonport, was the Devonport Stove Oven Bakery & Cafe for our tea time and desserts.

We were back again this time, as we can still remember how delicious lemon meringue pie and biscotti are. Therefore, we were back again to try it out to ensure the standard are still as good as last year. We wanted to buy the hazelnut biscotti, unfortunately hazelnut biscotti is not available in the stores. Hence, we ended up buying pistachio and cranberry biscotti.

We are glad that  the standard are still as good. Thumbs up!
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