Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Sunday

What will you think of when you think of Easter? Easter bunny or Easter egg? Well, to me it's both of it.

Easter Sunday, which usually falls in the month of April, is widely celebrated by the Christians around the world. I am not a Christian, hence I actually surf the net to get the meaning of Easter. Easter day is the day Christians remember Jesus rising from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion. During this celebration, Easter eggs decorations is a common motif in the western countries and customs such as egg hunting and Easter bunny is also available.

Yesterday, we were visited by an Easter bunny from one of the church nearby our house. They are inviting the kids to participate in the Easter activities provided in their church during the Easter Sunday.

In the western countries, usually you will be able to see Easter bunnies and Easter eggs widely available at any supermarket or dairies from end February onwards. All the Easter eggs and bunnies usually comes in a form of hollow chocolate formation of egg or bunnies in different varieties of chocolate flavours and brands. However, there are also some other ones such as the bunny shaped marshmallow/ soft jelly being sold.

As my partner's family are Christians and they are also celebrating Easter day. Therefore, he bought two Easter chocolate bunny for his two nieces. Our first option was to buy the Cadbury Easter chick chocolate, however later we found the Kinder with surprise bunny. Hence my partner bought two Kinder with surprise bunny for both his nieces. As for ourselves, we bought the Lindt dark chocolate bunny.

We will be passing the Kinder with surprise bunny to both my partner's nieces tonight. Hopefully they will like it.

Happy Easter Day!

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