Friday, April 8, 2011

Pocky Chocolate

Radiation is now a big concern in Japan after the nuclear reactor meltdown in Fukushima. There are a lot of people worrying about contamination of radiation for food in Japan. I am sure the sales for all food from Japan will be dropping.

However, I had earlier on bought Pocky chocolate from the Japan Mart here. One good thing about buying Japanese or Korean food is that, when compared dollar to dollar with Malaysia, it's so much cheaper and affordable. Even certain products, after conversion from NZD to Malaysian Ringgit it is still cheaper. Therefore it's one of the luxury here to be able to get Japanese food at a reasonable price.

This Pocky that I had bought it's a little different as compared to the normal Pocky which chocolate coating. This Pocky is coated with thick layer of chocolate and praline. Therefore, when eating it, it may taste like you are having Nutella on the biscuit. There are still many others varieties available. Will try it out one by one. It comes in a snack pack inside, whereby three sticks of Pocky are being packed in a little bag. There is a total of 4 packs in a box.

It's always nice to pair dessert with a glass of wine. Hence on one particular night, my partner and myself shared a 3pcs Pocky little pack together with a glass of Akarua Pinot Noir. It's definately not enough to share for the both of us. I was quite tempted to have another packet myself, but discipline myself not to. Anyway, it's always good to indulge one in awhile. Of course, not to overdo it as well.


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