Monday, April 4, 2011

Simple Dinner

Sometimes of the day, it's just good to have simple dinner at home. Soup is one of a good choice to have especially during the start of the autumn now in Auckland.

Here, you can easily buy a fresh ready made soup off the shelves from any supermarket with different variety of brands and flavours.

We had bought the Artisano - The Godfather Minestrone Soup to try it out. The soup contains 52% of vegetables which made of chopped tomato, potato, carrot, onion, green beans, cabbage, celery and spinach. Apart from the vegetables, there are two different type of pasta and white beans in the soups, which makes the soups a more substantial food. To prepare this ready made soup is so easy that you will just need to heat it up with a microwave or reboiled it in a saucepan. Then shaved some parmigiano reggiano over the soup when serving it. No fuss at all!

As this was a dinner for us, we paired it up with a piece of Abe's Real Bagel - Sesame each to fill up more of the empty spaces in our tummy. My partner made us the smoked salmon with cream cheese bagel to go with the soup. All he did was just to reheat the bagel in the oven toaster for about 5 - 10 minutes (depending on how crunchy you like it to be) then just spread the cream cheese and smoked salmon on top of the bagel.

Isn't that easy? The beauty of it, it's that all ingredients are readily available off the supermarket shelves and it's an healthy options as well. You just need is just about 20 minutes to prepare a simple yet delicious dinner.

Artisano website:-
Abe's Real Bagel website:-

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