Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Macaron & Champagne

One of the things that I enjoyed most with my partner are desserts and champagne. My partner is the one who introduces me to champagne back in the year of 2008. I remembered the first ever champagne that we had together was the Moet & Chandon rose champagne.

Last Friday, my partner came home with a surprise for me. It was a box of 5 macaron by Ma Cherie French Pastries which he bought from Farro Fresh Food in North Shore. Since macaron can't be kept for too long, we decided to have the macaron and a bottle of champagne on that night itself.

Macaron is one of the most popular French confectioneries which made with egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder and food colouring.

In the box of macaron that my partner gotten, there's 5 different flavours in it which consists of:-
  • Orange - Enjoy the blessing of the sun. Rich refreshing flavour and cheerful colour
  • Strawberry - Cute vivid red colour, with a fresh spring breeze scent.
  • Green Tea - A flavour from Asia, with a rich relaxing aroma.
  • Citrus - Refreshing flavour and delightful colour.
  • Cherry - Elegant taste with a fascinating scent. Ma Cherie uses only pure fruit puree.
Of all the flavours above, I managed to taste strawberry, green tea and citrus. Of all the three flavours that I had tasted so far, I personally enjoy the flavours of citrus most among all. (Perhaps I'm am bias as I am a person who loves anything that has lemon flavours in it)

And as mentioned earlier, we enjoyed it with a bottle of champagne, which was the Billecart Salmon Champagne - Brut Rose.

Of all the rose champagne that I had so far, this rose champagne colour is very different as compared to the rest. Usually rose champagne comes with a slight pinkish colour, however for Billecart Salmon Brut Rose Champagne, you wouldn't notice the pinkish colour if you didn't observe it properly. There's still a very minimal of pinkish colour but mostly yellowish as you can see from the photo.

It is always an enjoyment to pair a glass of champagne with some desserts. I enjoyed it more with the companion of my partner.

Ma Cherie French Pastries

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