Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Foodstore, Auckland

Early this year, a new restaurant was opened at the Market Square, Viaduct Habour. It's called The Foodstore. It had already making a big buzz among all the foodies.  

Besides, if you are staying in New Zealand, you will be able to watch their chefs cooking show, The Foodstore Chefs, on FoodTV at 7.30pm every Monday.

The Foodstore Chefs featured are:-

Wylie Dean
"At the tender age of 19, and with no formal training, Wylie Dean was so talented that he found himself as head chef of one of New Zealand's best restaurants...Cibo. Taking off on a culinary journey, he landed in L.A. and quickly became chef to the stars. Then, wanting to break out on his own, he headed to Melbourne. After opening numerous restaurants there, he has now decided to return home to lead the new wave in Kiwi cuisine." (Picture and description quoted from

Mark Southon
"After training at many michelin star restaurants in Europe, Mark Southon embarked on his culinary tour down under. The 29 year old landed a prestigious position at Vue de Monde - Australia's top restaurant for the past two years running. He then fell in love with our shores and has continued his illustrious career with Simon Wright at The French Café." (Picture and description quoted from

Sarah Primrose
"Only 22, and already Sarah Primrose is making a name for herself as a star of the culinary world. After winning many prestigious competitions both here and overseas, Sarah was named as the young chef ambassador for the world. In just a few short years, Sarah's cooking abilities have seen her working at top establishments, including Pear Tree in Kerikeri, and The French Café." (Picture and description quoted from

Each of The Foodstore chefs carries their own unique number at their uniform. Their numbers are "00" for Wylie, and "26" for Mark and "88" for Sarah. Besides, The Foodstore provides an open kitchen concept, whereby you will be able to get up close and personal with the chefs as they prepare the food.

Having been watching their shows on Food TV for a few months and passed by their restaurant for a few time, I am yet to try out their food. Until one night, we decided to have coffee and dessert at The Foodstore.

There's 3 of us in total and we ordered each of us a cup of coffee with two main desserts to share.

During our visit on that night, I saw both Mark and Wylie were at the restaurant.

Classic kiwi pavlova with fresh fruit, passionfruit curd and vanilla yogurt (picture at the top) and old-fashioned apple pie with Bergamot ice cream & plum puree (picture at the bottom) were the two desserts that we had ordered.

Both of the desserts were great and delicious. Among the two, I prefered the apple pie more compared to the other. Yummy!

Having a good experience from The Foodstore, we will definately be back one day to try out the main dishes.

The Foodstore
Market Square,
Viaduct Habour,
Auckland, New Zealand

Phone: 09 377 0125

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