Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Agents & Merchants Bar

Myself and my partner were looking for a place for cigar and drinks before dinner during one of the day when we were down in the city. We ended up in Agents & Merchants Bar.

It was a quite windy and chilly evening, and Agents & Merchants Bar is just the right place to be as it is quite shelthered away from thw wind. Besides, the outdoor seatings are fully equipped with heater.

At the outdoor seating, there's an antique or rather old piano is being decorated at the side end of the outdoor corner. Meanwhile, the no longer operating fire place is also available at the outdoor seating.

While my partner enjoying his cigar, I had my mochacinno. The mochacinno was served in a brandy glass instead of normal coffee glass. In my opinion, this was indeed creative. Perhaps they serve mochacinno in a brandy glass as a significant of themselves operating as a bar. That's my personal thought only!

Also, I took a quick video of the outdoor seating area from my camera for your viewing.

Agents & Merhants
Roukai Lane,
50 Customs St East

Phone: 09 309 5854

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