Friday, June 10, 2011

Kaimai Cheese Factory

Yippee it's a one day trip to Tauranga time! Another opportunity to explore another part of New Zealand.

On our way down to Tauranga, we will need to go through the Matamata town, which also known as "The Land of Hobbiton". Why is it so? This is because, some of the scene that you seen in the movie of The Lord of The Ring were being filmed here.

Just north of Matamata, there's Kaimai Cheese Factory & Cafe which is also situated in the heart of Waikato dairy country. Kaimai Cheese Factory & Cafe were established in the year of 2005. And if you are a New Zealander, you may noticed that their building is a replica of an old historic New Zealand 1920's Butter Factory. Trusses and roof vents from the original butter factory are cleverly used in the design of the building.

In there, you will be able to see how Kaimai Cheese Factory produces their cheese through the large glasses window in the building.

There were also descriptions of the cheese ripening process available for reading in front of the large glass windows which gives you a better understanding of the process.

Since this is a cheese factory, they do sell their cheese to any customer that pop by their factory. There's a wide selection of cheese being displayed in the refrigerated counter.

There's also cafe in the factory itself, where you can try out a selection of food via menu or the counter itself to get a taste of the Kaimai cheese before purchasing it. Most of their food uses their very own Kaimai cheese.

Since it's just for our morning tea, we ordered a cheese scones to go with our coffee and tea.

Usually scones are being served with butter/ whipped cream with strawberry jam. However, at Kaimai, tomato relish and butter are being served with their cheese scones. The combination of the relish goes really well with the cheese scones. Yummy.

We will definitely pop by again, should we pass by Matamata town next time.

Kaimai Cheese Factory & Cafe
Hawes Street,

Phone: 07 888 6910

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