Thursday, June 23, 2011

Karin Japanese Restaurant

It was one of the Sunday night where the chef at home is not cooking, given us the opportunity to try out Karin Japanese Restaurant in Parnell. It wasn't so much recommended by my partner, but I wanted to try it at least for once.  

Usually on a Sunday, Parnell area are not very crowded. But because it was the Queen's Birthday public holiday on Monday, Parnell turns out to be quite happening places to be. Finding a parking at Parnell was kinda difficult, but we were lucky to be able to get a parking nearby the restaurant.

We didn't make a reservation at the restaurant hence when we arrived at the restaurant, we gotta wait for 5 minutes before the table is ready for us. Lucky it's only 2 of us that night, hence we don't have to wait for long. However, should you need to wait for your table, there's waiting area provided outside the restaurant.

Since it was dinner hour, the restaurant was crowded with people. Besides, I saw there's lack of manpower serving food and clearing up the tables. It's as if there's only one man running around clearing the tables and serving the food. Hence, I told my partner that we better order our food fast as we didn't know how long do we have to wait. Hence quickly we ordered our food.

While waiting for our food to arrive, I actually observed around the restaurant. No doubt this restaurant provides a very relaxed, casual and family dining atmosphere, but looking at the poles that are around the restaurant makes me feel uneasy. There are a few poles being build around the sushi bar table, which caused the sushi bar table being abandoned. Why do I said so? Because I saw most of the bowls and plates which had been cleared from the tables were being placed all around the sushi bar tables instead of sending it down to the kitchen. Besides, the poles made the place looks very untidy and cramped.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, our food arrived.

The first to arrive was their futomaki rolls. In Japanese language, "futo" derived from "futoi" which means fat. Therefore, the futomaki rolls that we were served was super jumbo rolls compared to the futomaki rolls that we had before at Sharaku. Their futomaki rolls consists of grilled eel, cucumber, tamago, avocado, ginger and fish flakes. These ingredients were the caused of the super jumbo futomaki rolls. Though it is a super jumbo rolls, the total combination of the rolls was good and fresh.

Next, was the takoyaki - 5pcs of battered octopus served with Japanese style Worcester sauce. When it arrived, I told my partner that it was a mini takoyaki. The usual takoyaki that I saw and ordered before were bigger compared to this. And the best takoyaki that I ever had was the one that I had before at the Japan Day in the month of March.

As for our main, we ordered a grilled salmon wing served with grated radish and lemon and a garlic chicken steak rice set to share.

Overall, all the food served were okay and this is a place for you if you are looking at simple Japanese meals.

Karin Japanese Restaurant
237, Parnell Road,

Phone: 09 356 7101

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