Tuesday, June 21, 2011


After hanging aroung Clevedon area, my partner had been driving around Maraetai, Whitford and Beachlands area via the scenic routes. The scenic routes was nice and pretty that you get to see the beaches along the way.

We thought we could find a place for coffee and dessert around the 3 areas, however we couldn't. The first place that we wanted to go was quite full of people. The second cafe that we arrived at didn't serve any dessert. Lastly we went to the cafe in Formosa Auckland Country Club, again nothing!

So we ended up driving back down to Howick for dessert and coffee. Our usual place for coffee in Howick is either Basalt or Coffee, Tea & Lover. In our opinion, this two places serves good coffee compared to the rest.

For this time, we chosen to have it at Basalt.

Instead of having dessert and coffee only, we were a little hungry already. Hence we ordered two finger foods from the bar menu.

We ordered a buffalo chicken wings and bruschetta.

The buffalo chicken wings were honey and soy roasted. It tasted quite good.

As for the bruschetta, it is being served with whipped feta and tapenade. Tapenade is a combination finely chopped olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil.

And finally for dessert, we ordered the caramelised lemon tart served with boysenberry compote, praline mascarpone, and candied lemon.

As our first intention is to have dessert and coffee, we actually ordered this dessert and coffee first before the two bar finger foods. Therefore, the dessert arrived first before the finger foods. We thought that the caramelised lemon tart was served with vanilla ice cream. And since it's winter here now, we thought it will be okay to have it later once we were done with our buffalo chicken wings and bruschetta.

When we were done with both buffalo chicken wings and bruschetta, we were surprise that the ice cream don't really melt. When my partner first tried the ice cream, he then realise it's actually praline mascarpone instead. Silly us! That's the result of not looking properly at the menu.

Corner Picton Street & Moore Streets,

Phone: 09 533 0081

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