Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best Steak House in Auckland - Jervois Steak House and Saloon

My partner's uncle who visited us recently mentioned that his friend told him that when he visit New Zealand, he must try the steak there. Therefore, my partner had brought him to the best steak house in Auckland, which is the Jervois Steak House and Saloon.

When we arrived at the front of the steak house, we nearly went in through the dining area and bar, where they have the sliding door open up. Then my partner actually stopped us, and went in through the main entrance, which is the small door which was closed. My partner realised that because he had been to the steak house before.

As we entered, there's a lady by the reception is ready to greet us. We were then being ushered to our seats and presented us with the food and wine menu. The total number of the dining table is kinda limited, therefore booking in advance is advisable to avoid having to wait.

Antipodes sparkling water was being ordered as a start and followed by Marlborough St Claire Rose to go with the mains that we had ordered.

Two entrees had been ordered for sharing, which were the calamari schnitzel with extra virgin olive oil, parsley and lemon and Caesar cos lettuce tossed with bacon, garlic croutons & creamy Caesar dressing, served with garlic aioli and egg yolk.

One special thing of this steak house is that all their steaks are being grilled in an oven that have different levelling to determine the redness of the steaks. For example, if you ordered a medium rare steak, it will be grilled from the bottom till the middle levelling of the oven. You will understand what I meant by that if you visit Jervois Steak House and Saloon. They have an open concept kitchen whereby you can see how your steak is being prepared.

There were 6 of us in total, and because the main course portion is quite a lot for us Asian, we had ordered 3 main course to share. This is also to leave us some room for desserts later on.

Clockwise from the left: Signature prime rib, rib eye for two and Black Angus sirloin 

There's two different cut for their signature prime rib; queen cut and king cut. We had ordered the queen cut which was around 300g. Signature prime rib has to be ordered one day in advanced as they have to prepare the steak one day ahead to ensure the quality of the steak is good. Signature prime rib is their signature dish, selected from the finest 150 day grain fed Black Angus that had been dry, aged then patiently roasted in their special over and served with horseradish. The prime rib is so tender and sweet, where it melts in your mouth. Meanwhile, rib eye for two is an outstanding example of rib eye at its best. It is well marbled for peak flavour and deliciously juicy. Lastly the Black Angus sirloin is from the Wakanui feed lot near Ashburton, situated on the coast where a little paddling is possible at high tide. 

Three sides dishes were being ordered to compliment with our steaks. They are (clockwise from left) french beans, truffle steak fries and creamy mushroom.

And as usual, a meal isn't complete without a dessert. Myself and my partner both shared one dessert of the day, which is the dark chocolate pudding served with manuka honey ice cream.

It was a very delicious and satisfying dinner for that day. Yummy!

Jervois Steak House and Saloon
70 Jervois Road,
Herne Bay,

Phone: +64 9 376 2049

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