Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lou Sang Dinner

Whenever it comes to Chinese New Year, Loh Sang dinner is a must for me and my family. Usually we will have Lou Sang as our reunion dinner, then followed by another Lou Sang dinner with my cousins and families. This year, I actually missed both of the Lou Sang dinner that happening back home as I am now here in Auckland.

Thanks to my partner, he recalled one of his family friend actually mentioned that there's this particular restaurant that serve Lou Sang. Therefore, we went there for Lou Sang dinner on last Friday to celebrate our Chinese New Year here in Auckland and also to buy his uncle and aunty, whom came to visit them, a dinner.

This restaurant is being operated by a Malaysian-Cantonese owner, and that is also the reason why they serve Lou Sang dinner as well. There aren't many tables available in the restaurant, therefore booking is necessary.

It's a total of 11 course for the Lou Sang dinner, inclusive of 2 course of desserts. This package is specially designed for 10 - 12 pax of people. Since there's 8 adults and 2 kids for us, we ordered this package which cost us NZD368.

The course includes:-
  • Salmon Sashimi Salad (Lou Sang)
  • 2 course of Peking duck
    • Peking duck skin with pancake
    • Stir fried Peking duck meat with lettuce
  • Steamed free range chicken
  • Steamed whole blue cod fish with soya sauce
  • Deep fried prawn with shell
  • Braised dried oyster with fatt choy, broccoli and roasted pork
  • Stir fried water spinach with garlic
  • Yam basket with combination of stir fried seafood
  • Steam fried rice wrapped in lotus leaf
  • Assorted fruit platter
  • Chilled honey dew dessert with coconut milk

The overall of the food experiences was not too bad. The taste of the food are very close to our local Malaysian style. However, this restaurant don't serve the food like Malaysian style, whereby serving the food as according to the sequence of menu. One example would be serving the steam fried rice in yam leaf after the second course. Usually in Malaysia, the rice is being served at the very last as it served the purpose of filling up the tummy of people who still not full after the many dishes served. However, there's pro and cons to this type of serving is that you get to eat a variety of food at one go instead of slowly finishing one dish by another.

Chap Goh Meh is coming this week. For those who have not eaten any Lou Sang dinner, move your butt up and celebrate it till the very last!!

Star Cafe Seafood Restaurant
266, Manukau Road,
Epsom 1023

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