Friday, February 25, 2011

Tanuki Sushi & Sake Bar, Auckland

Before myself and my partner headed down to the Lantern's Festival in Albert's Park, we had our dinner at Tanuki Sushi & Sake Bars.

That night itself, the restaurant was fully booked. The moment we stepped into the restaurant, the first thing they asked was did we made any reservations. We didn't make any reservation that night, however, they were kind enough to allow us to be seated at one of the table with the conditions that we leave in about an hour time.

Since we had only an hour time to eat our dinner, we ended up choosing bento set. I had chosen the chicken teriyaki bento set, meanwhile my partner had chosen the unagi bento set.

Every bento set comes with miso soup, green salad, sashimi, sushi, tempura, rice and fruits platter at the end. We managed to finish the bento set within the one hour given. We were both extremely full and satisfied after the meal.  

And it's time for our walk to Albert's Park to view the Lantern Festival that's happening around.
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Tanuki Sushi & Sake Bar
319 Queen Street,

Phone: 09 379 5151

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