Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good Advertising

There's one cafe by the viaduct habour of Auckland city having a little outdoor advertising by the wharf. It shows a picture of before and after drinking the coffee from their cafe. Before drinking the coffee, it shows a man with an almost bald hair and little teeth left. And after drinking the coffee, the man turns out to be as handsome as George Clooney. To your surprise, the photo of the man for before is actually the owner of the cafe. (Do you think it's a very good advertising to catch a person's attention? It did catches my partner's attention.)

The cafe name of this is Barabra Cafe. My partner who is very fussy about his coffee, had rated this cafe to be serving delicious coffee. Apart from serving coffee, they serve some light snacks, champagne, red wine, white wine, soft drinks, teas, mocktails and cocktails as well. In addition to that, this cafe also selling cigar. The reason why they are selling cigar is because the owner of the cafe is someone who enjoys smoking cigar.


Since this cafe is situated by the viaduct harbour, you can enjoy your coffee at the outside lounge and viewing the beautiful harbour views and the nice sea breeze. During that time when we visited the cafe, it happens that the city was celebrating the Auckland Anniversary Day which falls on 31st January every year. Therefore, there's a few of the special sails were being parked by the side of the harbour.

Apart from that, as according to my partner whom visited the cafe quite often, he always seen the same regular customers during the weekend, which included he himself. :)

Barabra Cafe
Area 5, Shed 23,Princess Wharf,
147 Quay Street Auckland CBD.

Phone: 09 966 0444

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