Sunday, May 15, 2011

Barabra Cafe

It has been kinda a month or plus since my last visit to Barabra Cafe. We were back again to the cafe after dinner last Saturday. Unfortunately, we were unable to catch up with the owner of the cafe as he had left 5 minutes earlier as according to his staff.

If you do follow my blog, you will realised that I had actually blogged twice (here and there) about this cafe and I am now blogging it again. Why? This is because I seen improvement in this cafe.

My partner and I were both surprised when the barrister brought us the cigar ash tray filled with cigar cutter and torch (as he seen us joining the cigar event held in the cafe previously). Why were we surprised? Because previously this cafe provides only cigar ash tray to their cigar smoker customers. This was the first changes.

Then, we saw each table in the cafe has a nursery story book, where we later found out that they are the menu of the cafe. I personally think that this is a brilliant idea to turn a nursery story book into a menu. Customers of the cafe can also read through the story book while waiting for their food or drinks to be served. It's environmental friendly too!

The menu of the cafe has also improved by providing more drinks and food options to the cafe customers. It is more detailed as compared to the last time. And this time, the cigar lists are also included in the menu.

For a change, this time we ordered a bottle of beer for each of us (usually we had either coffee or tea).  We were surprised to see snacks (mini pretzel and nuts) were served to us in a mini Laurent Perrier Champagne snack plate. It's very normal for the bar to served snacks to all their customers back in Malaysia, but not in New Zealand. Why? I'm not sure. Besides, I don't recalled any snacks being served to their customers who had ordered a bottle of beer.

Apart from that, I also saw other customers were being served with chocolates with their coffee. This has not been practised the last time too.

Thumbs up to Barabra Cafe! If you happen to be at the Princess Wharf, Auckland, do visit Barabra Cafe to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee.

Barabra Cafe
Area 5, Shed 23, Princess Wharf,
147 Quay Street, Auckland CBD.

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