Friday, May 27, 2011

Cafe Hanoi

Britomart is currently mushrooming with lots of new cafe and restaurants. It is also one of the most happening places in Auckland city due to the upcoming of Rugby World Cup 2011 that is taking place in New Zealand. Cafe Hanoi is one of the restaurant that is located in Britomart, which had been operating since last year.

Barabra cafe owner had once recommended to us about Cafe Hanoi but we are yet to try it till early this month. We went in without any reservation being done, and we were lucky that the restaurant wasn't packed as it was a Sunday night. We were early too. Phew!

As you entered the red majestic door, you will see that there's various type of dining table (be it round or square) and also even at the bar table. The cafe had been decorated with some old/ antique collections.

Looking through the menu, it shows that the cafe introduces the Asian type of eating, which is SHARING. Each dish act as a component to the overall dining experiences. 

As for our drinks, we ordered the virgins that are specially being created by cafe to go along with the Vietnamese food. I had ordered a lychee, passion fruit pulp, pink grapefruit and cranberry. Meanwhile my partner ordered a blueberries, mint, lemon, lime and brown sugar syrup, topped with Antipodes sparkling water. Among the two, I still prefer the drink that I had ordered. It had more of the taste of lychee juice.

Before we were being served with our mains, we were given a plate of condiments. It consists of fish sauce (salty), lime (sour) and cut chillies (spicy). The plate of condiments is for us to add flavours to our food should we need to. I personally think this is brilliant and creative as compared to the traditional method where most restaurants will provide soy sauce, salt and pepper instead.

The first main that came was the wok seared market fish marinated in turmeric, ginger and galangal with snake beans. I can't remember what was the market fish of that day. It was my first time eating that fish, and it tasted good. Besides, this dish was being served with vermicelli. The way of eating it is to add the sweet chilies on the vermicelli and mixed it well together with the fish.

Next was the hot pot of caramelised pork belly with morning glory. The pork belly was so tender that makes it melt in your mouth. We had that together with rice. Yummy!

Lucky we had only ordered two mains to share. That leaves us some room to try the desserts.

We ordered two different desserts to share, which was the lemon brulee served with bee pollen ice cream and yogurt and sago pudding in white chocolate and yogurt cream with palm sugar caramel.
Both the desserts were so delicious that we practically clean up both the plates.
We were both satisfied and full as we leave the restaurant.
The overall dining experience in Cafe Hanoi was absolutely good as the staffs are very friendly and knowledgeable too. Thumbs up!
Cafe Hanoi Vietnamese Eatery
Excelsior Building,
Cnr Galway & Commerce,
Britomart Auckland.
Phone: 09 302 3478

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