Saturday, May 28, 2011

La Cantine du Torchon

Whenever it comes to Sunday, it will be harder to find a nice restaurant or cafe to be open around Ponsonby area. Our first choice was Satya, but it was closed. Next was the Nawas Cafe which was just a few shops away, and it was closed too. Then we finally decide to come to La Cantine du Torchon and lucky us, it was opened. Phew!

This was our first time at the cafe, as my partner discovered it the last time we passed by this area.

This cafe has a very small dining area, with limited space to move around. However, it served very authentic French cuisine.

Looking through the lunch menu, there are many different types of crepes available. Be it sweet or savoury. All the savoury crepes were being made with fine French buckwheat flour, which makes a healthy combinations.

Since it was lunch for us, my partner ordered a Croque Monsieur, which was the toasted sliced bread with ham, bechamel sauce and cheddar. As according to my partner, this is one of the authentic food from French, therefore, by tasting it, you will know whether the most basic food are being well made or not.

As for myself, since there's plenty of crepes selection from the menu, I supposed that is also one of their specialty. Therefore, I ordered the savoury crepes, Forestiere, which is the mushrooms in creamy white wine sauce. I was tempted by the outlook of the food as it was being served to the customer who sat next to me.

Both the food were tasty and nice, but it's a little too salty for me. Overall, it was a very nice and lite lunch for both of us. This is definitely a place for authentic French food, especially if you are craving for any crepes.

La Cantine du Torchon,
265 Ponsonby Road,
Auckland City.

Phone: 09 376 2516

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