Friday, May 20, 2011

Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant

When it comes to dim sum, it is my partner and myself all time favourite food. So far, I had tasted a few dim sum in different places and so far there's only 3 restaurant in my favourite list. Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant was one of it.

I was introduced to this restaurant when one of my friend came to visit in Auckland. Before arriving, she had already mentioned that she want to have dim sum in Grand Harbour Restaurant. Therefore, I booked the table and brought her there. And again, we visited the restaurant again recently since we were down at the city.

One tips when you want to have dim sum in Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant during weekend is to go early (i.e. at 10a.m.) or always call in to book one day ahead. Else you may have to queue up and wait. Also you will only be given an hour to finish your meal.

That day, we ordered a "char leong" a.k.a as the fried flour stick wrapped with rice rolls. The "char leong" was good as it also wrapped with "choy sum". Hence when you eat it, you won't feel too filling as it is always served with sweet sauce and peanut sauce. This was the first restaurant that I see "char leong" are being wrapped with vegetables. Yummy!

We also ordered a bowl of century egg and pork porridge. Surprisingly, they served every bowl of porridge with fried flour stick. Again, the other dim sum places that I went before never serve their porridge with the fried flour stick. It's always a good combination of porridge with fried flour stick.

Fried tentacles squids (which was my favourite), and curry fish balls (which is my partner favourite was ordered. A bit disappointed with the fried tentacles squid as it wasn't as crispy as the first time I had it. Besides, the curry fish balls wasn't the best that I had tasted.

As for the dumplings, we ordered a Shanghai dumplings (xiao loong bao), combination dumplings (chiu chow fun guo) and water crest dumplings. This is another dim sum place that serves Shanghai dumplings with vinegar and ginger slices. Unfortunately, the vinegar used is not my favourite :).

Later, it's dessert time! We ordered a plate of egg tart and fried black sesame balls. Both of the desserts were just as good. By the time we finished our food, our tummies were satisfied as well.

This is one of a good dim sum place that I would recommend should you be in Auckland or visiting Auckland. Why? The dim sum are just up to the Hong Kong standard. Besides, it did not only serves all the carcass and it had a very wide variety of dim sum. Lastly, the dumplings didn't taste quite the same as their main ingredients are not only prawns, where most of the restaurant put prawns as the main ingredients.

Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant
Corner Pakeham Street & Custom Street West,
Viaduct Harbour,

Tel: 09 357 6889

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