Friday, May 6, 2011


Figs are currently in the season for New Zealanders. Local figs are available for sales at the local farmers market.

Dried figs are easily available at anywhere in the country. I had tasted dried figs but not the fresh figs. During our visit to Howick Farmers Market recently, a few variety of figs are available for sale and tastings are also available.

I chosen to buy the Adriatic figs due to the attractive appearance as compared to the Brown Turkey and Black Mission Figs. Adriatic figs are originated and transplanted from Mediteranean. Adriatic fig had green thin skin with strawberry flesh that's so sweet. It is the most prolific compared to the other figs varieties due to the high sugar content.

You can consume the figs freshly by scooping the strawberry flesh with a little spoon. My partner came up with an idea to try caramelise the top layer of the figs before eating. Each of us ate an Adriatic fig that were cut into half with two, served with first half fresh and another half with caramelised top. Comparing the both, we agreed that the fig with caramelised top tasted better.

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