Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Stop, Newmarket

It's always hard to find a Malaysian restaurant that serves authentic Malaysian cuisine. We had tried quite a few so far and all of it didn't taste as good as we expected comparing to the one that we had in Malaysia.

There's a family friend of my partner had always been introducing us to different Malaysian restaurant. As according to the family friend, she had mentioned that My Stop cafe which is situated in Newmarket train station serves the best curry laksa!

Therefore, we went to try when we were at Newmarket last Saturday for our lunch. My Stop cafe is situated just right opposite the Newmarket train station.

To my partner, in order to try whether the cafe/ restaurant serve authentic and good Malaysian cuisine, he will always try the nasi lemak. He ordered a "Beef rendang nasi lemak". The nasi lemak was served in a while leave plates. The presentation was good. A good "nasi lemak" should have nicely cooked rice which is not too soggy and not too hard, whereby this restaurant do actually achieved that. As for the "beef rendang", the taste of it is good, but sadly it was overcooked which made the beef hard. What a pity.

As for myself, I ordered the chicken curry laksa to try whether it is as good as back home in Malaysia. Sadly, as I noticed the kitchen, the gravy of the curry laksa was not freshly boiled as the kitchen helper heat it up in the microwave. The presentation of the food was rather ordinary, whereby it was served in a big white bowl. The taste of it wasn't too bad, just a little too salty.

After tasting it, myself and my partner came to a conclusion that the family friend taste can't be trusted 100%. Or perhaps I should our expectation of Malaysian food are too high as compared to hers.

My Stop Malaysian Cuisine
28 Remuera Road (Shop 16)

Tel: 09 520 5500

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