Thursday, March 3, 2011

Barabra Cafe, Auckland

Remember the advertising board that I had blogged about previously? No? Then well go back to my previous post (here) to read about it.

This time, it's another catchy blackboard descriptions that managed to catch people's attention. It says "The view comes for FREE (also the weather). Our menu is WORTH the price".

It's so true, for last Saturday this cafe is having some good food deals, i.e: pizza and beer at NZD20, quesadilla and beer at NZD15.

We were back to Barabra Cafe again last Saturday with my partner to enjoy coffee and cigar. One of the reason why my partner enjoy visiting Barabra Cafe is because the people there will not disturb you enjoying your cigar with a cup of drink.

I remembered there's once when we went to Invito cafe at the Chancery Square to enjoy a cup of blossom tea with cigar, halfway through, one of the staff (which I reckon is the duty manager for the day) came to us and told us that my partner's cigar smells was affecting the whole cafe. Besides, there's also customers who complained about the cigar smells that were affecting them. My partner had been to the cafe for cigar smoking plenty of times and never encounter this before. Besides, the cafe itself was selling cigar previously. We both reckon it's the manager himself who trying to chase us off as we only ordered 2 cup of blossom tea and was enjoying ourselves for hours. Hence, he came up with the stories. From then on, we banned the cafe (i.e. not going to visit it again). 

Alright, back to Barabra Cafe. We spent quite a few hours there, and the owner of the cafe actually came to us for a chat as he known my partner, whom had been a regular customer of his. Besides, he also smokes cigar.

Since it was quite a sunny day, I ordered and iced coffee meanwhile my partner ordered his all time favourite - trim flat white.

While my partner enjoying his cigar, I am enjoying the view from the cafe. Habour Bridge can be seen from the cafe itself. Both the New Zealand and Australia flag were on half mast due to the earthquake in Christchurch.

On that day itself, we been to the cafe twice. Once for afternoon tea and another in the evening. As mentioned earlier, the cafe are always visited by the regular. Therefore, on our evening visit on that day, we managed to see a few familiar faces that we saw in the afternoon. There's also people who had been there since we left from the afternoon tea session.

Barabra Cafe
Area 5, Shed 23, Princess Wharf,
147 Quay Street, Auckland CBD.

Phone: 09 996 0444

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