Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Middle East Cafe, Auckland

It's time to try out something new! This time, we had our dinner at The Middle East Cafe which is situated at the Auckland CBD.

This cafe decoration uses camel as their concept. Therefore, when you are in their cafe, you will see all sorts of different camel decorations from pictures, serviette holder to decorations.

We had ordered the Chef's Combination Full Meal to share. Chef's Combination Full Meal consists of four falafel patties, spiced lamb from the spit, salads and a toasted pita bread. Two bottles of organic cranberry, pomegranate and apple sparkling juice was being ordered to go with our meal.

The dinner was just right for the two of us. Just that we ordered an extra pita bread to fill up our tummy on that night since we had our dinner early. There's two way of eating this meal. You can add all the food and sauce together into the pita bread or you can tear the pita bread into small pieces and have it as a bread that goes with a meal. I personally had tried both the method and I am enjoying it.

The Middle East Cafe
23, Wellesley Street West,

Tel: 09 379 4843

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