Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Favourite Past Time - Instant Kiwi

Being in Auckland for about 2 months +, I had developed a little favourite past time here. It's the Instant Kiwi. Are you wondering what is Instant Kiwi?

Instant Kiwi is a scratch card lottery with pre-determined outcomes that are reveals when the latex covering is scratched off. The ticket cost from NZD1 to NZD10, with prize rewards ranging from free tickets up to NZD250,000 depending on the game being played. There is a legal age restriction on Instant Kiwi. Under the Gambling Act 2003, no one under 18 years old can purchase an Instant Kiwi for themselves, no one can buy an Instant Kiwi on behalf of an under 18 years old, and an Instant Kiwi prize cannot be paid out to anyone under 18 years old.

As I am not a big gambler with big hopes, I always go with the NZD1 Instant Kiwi. I will normally buy 3 Instant Kiwi or redeem my rewards like on a weekly basis. So far I had managed to win a NZD1 Instant Kiwi ticket, NZD3 and NZD5. My highest records for the rewards so far is NZD5. Usually I will use the rewards to redeem back the ticket. Hopefully luck be on my side for a better rewards.

I enjoy playing Instant Kiwi as it gives me the excitement especially when scratching it and I look forward to achieve in getting higher rewards each time. However, the most common ones that I gotten are usually NZD3.

To know more about Instant Kiwi, go to their official website at

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