Friday, March 4, 2011

Sharaku Japanese Restaurant, Auckland

I am back again to the Sharaku Japanese Restaurant for dinner again. This time, we brought my partner's mother to try it out.

Since there's 3 of us this time, we would like to try something different from our last visit. Hence we ordered a starter, 1 sushi platter, 2 mains and 3 desserts to share. I always like to share because with that, I am able to try different dishes. It's a complete 3 course dinner from the Ala-Cart menu.

We had gyoza as a starter. There's 5 pieces of gyoza being served in a leaf shape plate. Once you bite it, the juice from the gyoza will spill out. Just becareful when you eat it. :) Besides, it don't taste very oily too.

We also ordered a sushi platter called Futomaki, which also known as thick sushi roll or fat rolls. The futomaki that we ordered were being wrapped with tamago, avocado, ebi (prawns), kanpyo and pickled daikon. There's a total of 10 slices of futomaki. We ordered this as we were afraid that two mains wouldn't be enough for us and if we ordered 3 mains, it will be too much for us.

Two dinner set had been ordered, which were the chicken teriyaki and salmon teriyaki dinner set. The chicken teriyaki set comes with miso soup, tempura, sashimi and rice. Meanwhile the salmon teriyaki set comes with miso soup, sashimi, green salad and rice.

This time there's improvement from the our previous visit, whereby there's soya sauce being provided in the dinner sets that we had ordered.  

And lastly for the desserts, we ordered 2 sets of daifuku and a shaved iced with condensed milk and azuki beans. Looking through their dessert menu, daifuku and shaved iced with condensed milk and azuki beans are still the most interesting desserts to us. Hence we had it again during this visit.

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Sharaku Japanese Restaurant
75 Queen Street,
Auckland City.
Tel: 09 379 0483

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