Monday, March 21, 2011

Silk Restaurant, Hamilton

We started with our journey as early as 6.45am and the sun was just about to rise up. It took us about 2 hours to reach the city of Hamilton.

Hamilton is an area where their main revenue source is the dairy industry, hence we passed by a lot of the dairy farms. While passing by, I am trying my best to capture the best shot of the black and white spotted cows for my sister, whom been saying that I should bring her to see the cow during her visit here next time.

*My sister had been watching too much milk advertisement back in Malaysia, where all the black and white spotted cows are being featured. Also in the advertisement, it often mentioned that the milk is from New Zealand. Hence, it creates the thinking that New Zealand have lots of cows for the dairy industry. In Malaysia, there isn't any black and white spotted cow available. Therefore, she insisted me to show her some black and white spotted cows if I sees it.*

It was already quite difficult to get a nice shot of the dairy farm in the car with the sun just rising. The thick fogs makes the photography session even harder.

When we arrived Hamilton city in that morning, it was only like 10 degree Celsius only. It was quite chilly. Luckily it was a fine day, and the temperature risen as the sun goes higher.

For lunch, we stopped by Silk Restaurant which is situated inside SkyCity Hamilton. This is a restaurant that serves fusion food, whereby Malaysian food is also part of it. Therefore, we decided to try it out.

Since there's three of us, we ordered one entree and two mains for sharing.

*As usual, sharing allows us to taste more than one dishes each.*

Tasting platter entree was ordered. The tasting platter consists of beef satay, lemon chicken, deep fried taro roll, vegetable fritters and deep fried spicy squid served with dipping sauce. All the food were quite nice except the deep fried spicy squid was not crunchy and quite soggy.

As for the main, we ordered the Hokkien Char and Kau Bi Kay (Nine Spice Chicken) as our main to share. The Hokkien Char is quite a different version from Malaysian style. Usually Hokkien Char in Malaysia are being fried with dark soya sauce that makes the noddles black in colour. Although it's a little different, the Hokkien Char was quite appetising as well.

While we were tasting out the Kay Bi Kay, we were very curious what are the total nine spices that they use to marinate the chicken. And we all came to a guessing conclusion that the Nine Spice Chicken are being marinated with five spice powder, pepper, soya sauce, honey and some fermented red bean curd. That makes to a total of 9! We may be wrong though, but that's our gut feelings. 

After the lunch, we moved on to shopping around DressSmart at Te Rapa. It was quite a fruitful day because I managed to get some good bargain clothing from there. It makes me tempted to go to DressSmart in Onehunga, Auckland to check out more good bargain things as it seems to be bigger there.

After spending the day time in Hamilton, it's time for us to make our move out of Hamilton city to avoid the traffic jam.

Silk Restaurant
SkyCity Hamilton,
346 Victoria Street,

Phone: 07 834 4923

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