Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Zarbo Delicatessen & Cafe, Newmarket

During one of the weekend, when myself and my partner was in Newmarket to collect something, we stopped by Zarbo Delicatessen & Cafe for our lunch.

Zarbo, New Zealand Cafe of the Year 2008, had been around for more than 14 years and is open everyday. They do provide a car parking space for their customers whereby there's a huge sign at the side of Zarbo to indicate the parking space provided for their customers.

As you entered the Zarbo Delicatessen & Cafe in Newmarket, there's two cabinets full of appealing and delicious food on the right hand side. Apart from the food in the cabinets, they do serve other food as well that are written in their menu board which is located on top of food cabinets. You will need to order the food that you want from the counter before selecting a seat. Once you had ordered, they will provide you a number card to be placed on your table in order for them to serve the your food.

We had ordered one pastry from the food cabinet and another chicken salad from the menu.

I paired our food with a cup of flat white. Their coffee were very delicious and each cup of coffee are being served with little slice of brownies, chocolate or cake (changes each day).

Apart from serving food in the cafe, they do have a Delicatessen under the same roof that offers extensive ranges of gourmet products to their customers. You can find a lot of products available such as:- Italian pastas, balsamic vinegars and oils, French cheeses, terrines and vinegars, English jams and pickles, New Zealand chocolate truffles, saffron, olive oils and turkish delight.

Another one that is also available under the same roof is the Artisan Bakery, where internationally Global Baker and author Dean Brettschneider has joined forces with Zarbo to create and in-store micro artisan bakery. The bakery has created an open kitchen concept that enable you to see how the bread and pastries are being made.

Isn't it amazing that you can dine, shop and takeaway all different types of things under one roof? Drop by Zarbo Delicatessen & Cafe if you happen to be in Newmarket this weekend. :)

Zarbo Delicatessen & Cafe
24 Morrow Street,
Newmarket 1023,

Phone: 09 520 2721

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